GoGoNano™ Full Set of Nano Surface Protection provides something to every family member. Protect all your valuables possessions – cloths, electronics or vehicles. GoGoNano ™ liquid nano coatings are universal, long lasting and environmentally friendly.   In a world full of disposables, choose to protect and preserve the things you love instead of replacing them.

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GoGoNano™ Stay Dry Textile & Leather Waterproof spray against rain and mud

Stay Dry is a protective nano surfaces protection spray that develops an ultra-thin protective layer. It is a durable coating that bonds with the surface and contains the highest protective properties.

Find out more about Stay Dry waterproof spray.

Liquid Screen Protector GoGoNano™ Liquid Shield

GoGoNano™ Liquid Shield – universal liquid screen protector covers the screen of your device with a transparent coating, which protects it against scratches, reduces the marks of fingerprints and makes it easier to clean the screen. Thanks to the new technology, the liquid screen protector is 100% bubble free unlike regular plastic screen protectors. It is a water based, nature friendly and biodegradable product.

Find out more about liquid screen protector Liquid Shield.

Nano Surface Protection Liquid Skin universal full car coating for all vehicle types

GoGoNano™ Liquid Skin exterior car coating is a water based product containing nano polymers that attach to the surface and develop an ultra thin protective layer.

Find out more about nano car coating Liquid Skin.

Full Nano package contains:
1 x 300 ml GoGoNano™ textile & leather protection Stay Dry
1 x 25 ml GoGoNano™ liquid screen protector Liquid Shield
1 x 150 ml GoGoNano™ wax free car body coating Liquid Skin
1 x Non-Woven Microfiber Cloth, 40 x 38 cm
1 x Blue Very Soft Microfiber Cloth (size 40 x 40 cm)


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