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Frequantly asked questions about GoGoNano products

How do I know if my device is sufficiently protected with the product?

GoGoNano™ Liquid Shield liquid screen shield is based on nanotechnology and therefore invisible to your eye. The protective layer is 500 times thinner than human hair, but you can feel it with your hand. Also, you can test it with a small drop of water which will huddle up on the surface.

Can GoGoNano™ fix the existing scratches on devices where applied?

Unlike other similar products, GoGoNano™ Liquid Shield liquid screen protector fills in the micro-scratches. However, the main purpose of the product is to add a protective shield to surfaces for keeping them clean and durable, not fix the existing damages.

Does GoGoNano™ Liquid Shield protect from fingerprint markings?

GoGoNano™ Liquid Shield screen protector has a grease repellent effect preventing any dirt or oil residues to stick on it and therefore helps to avoid or easily remove fingerprint markings.

How quickly do I see the effect of GoGoNano™?

It’s recommended to apply two layers of GoGoNano™ Liquid Shield screen protector with 10 minute interval. Then leave it to dry for 25-30 minutes. The full protection will take effect within 24 hours.

GoGoNano Liquid Skin exterior car protector for wheels and car body should be left to dry for about an hour. Then polish the surface with a soft microfiber cloth you can also purchase from our e-store. Now your vehicle is ready for use! The full protection will take effect within 24-48 hours. It will dry quicker if kept in warm environment.

Do I need protective gear for applying GoGoNano™ products?

All GoGoNano™ products are 100% natural, free of chemicals and therefore not harmful. However, it is advised to avoid the contact with eyes and mouth.

We recommend using gloves when using GoGoNano™ Dryve for vehicle wheels and body.

What’s the best way to apply GoGoNano™ products?

GoGoNano™ Liquid Shield liquid screen protector is sprayed directly to the surface and spread with microfiber cloth applied with product package. Apply a new layer after the first one is dried for 10 minutes.

Liquid Skin exterior protector for vehicle wheels and body is also sprayed to the surface and spread with textile cloth. Polish with soft microfiber cloth (available in our e-store) after one hour of drying.

When do I need to renew the protection or how do I know if it’s worn off?

Liquid protection wears off in time. We recommend to renew the shield of GoGoNano™ Liquid Shield after each 3-6 months, depending on the intensity of usage (or more frequently if needed). Protective layer endures tens of thousands of touches and you should consider re-applying if the device is not so easy to clean anymore.

GoGoNano™ Liquid Skin for vehicle body and wheels is recommended to renew also after 3-6 months, though the effect may last maximum to 18 months! You can also re-apply earlier if needed, especially if it’s getting more difficult to clean the surface.

The surface looks dirty after applying GoGoNano™ product. Did I do anything wrong?

The product may leave a bit „stainy“ look after application. Let the substance to interact with the surface and then clean it with a soft microfiber cloth. After this kind of processing the surface will be smooth and damage proof – so you will spend less time and money for cleaning it in the future.

Can I use GoGoNano™ products for any items at home?

GoGoNano™ currently offers two products. Liquid Shield is a liquid screen protector for smart phones, computers, monitors, TVs, game consoles, earphones, glasses, ceramic stoves and other glass, plastic or metal surfaces.

GoGoNano™ Liquid Skin car body protector can be used on any vehicles: bicycles, cars, motorbikes, boats, planes, vans, trucks etc. You can use it either on their bodies, windows, wheels but also on plastic parts.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have doubts about the usage of our products!


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