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Invisible shield for automotive

Liquid Skin invisible shield is one of the best products for car wheels, windows, and body as it offers complete protection to your vehicle and maintains its look and feel.

Liquid Skin – Your Car’s Best Friend

This is an invisible shield liquid that will not only act as a great car door protector but also keeps it clean and fights corrosion. Liquid Skin is actually a unique liquid that is the best for preserving showroom quality finishing of your vehicle. It offers durable, tough, and invisible urethane shielding that helps the vehicle to have its new look for a longer time.

Features of Liquid Skin invisible shield that are hard to miss:

  • Maintenance Free – Liquid Skin doesn’t require any kind of special maintenance for keeping up its look and feel. Even when this liquid is applied, you can easily wash the car as you normally do without worrying about the protective shield getting off or damaged.
  • Self-cleaning – The product has been designed using innovative and the highest quality material. The nano-protection lasts for nearly 6 months for cars and for nearly 2 years for consumer electronics. After that it is suggested to re-apply the liquid.
  • Exceptional Clarity – It remains virtually invisible to your eye when applied on vehicle.
  • High Durability – Latest formula for Liquid Skin features highest resistance to cracking and yellowing, thereby ensuring that the finish of the vehicle is retained in terms of design, color, and quality, just as it was when it first came out of the showroom.
  • Scratch And Stain Resistant – It comes with revolutionary coating technology offering exceptional scratch and stain resistance and making it easier for users to clean the vehicle.

How does Liquid Skin’s invisible shield works?

This liquid creates a shield for areas that are highly vulnerable, like rear fender panels, rocker panels, door edges and handle cavities, hoods, side mirrors, front bumpers and wheels. It will preserve showroom finish due to its excellent quality.

Invisible shield for car wheels, body and windows

How to use it?

You can apply Liquid Skin on your own as it is so easy to use! Use a microfiber cloth available at our store and then polish with a softer microfiber cloth to have the best shiny result. You can refresh the invisible shield anytime, but it is advised not to mix it with any other chemicals such as waxes etc. Simply wash the car using water and soap and then apply Liquid Skin. Make sure the surface is clean before you apply Liquid Skin in order to get the most effective result.

The main advantages of the product is being easy to clean, anti-static and anti-adhesive. Moreover, the hydrophobic coating not just only prevents from the organic, but also inorganic substances to harm the surface of your vehicle.

You’ll find Liquid Skin to be reasonably priced and worth purchasing after using it for couple of months because it protects your vehicle from various damages:

  • Door edges and handle cavities from keys, purses and rings
  • Trunk ledges from luggage, strollers and golf clubs
  • Hoods, roofs, and trunks from tree sap and bird droppings
  • Mirrors, bumpers and hoods from bugs, flying gravel and blacktopping
  • Rocker panels from stones and sand that is kicked up by vehicle tires
  • Doors, handles, bumpers and tires from getting corroded
  • Doors, bumpers and trunk from oily stains

Liquid Skin has been manufactured to offer more benefits than any other available protection products. It is a recognized brand preferred by many customers all over the world.

Liquid Skin invisible full car body coating!

Top quality and easy to apply invisible vehicle nano coating Liquid Skin. Perfect for car’s body, wheels, plastic parts and windows.

GoGoNano™ Liquid Skin - invisible shield for vehicles body, wheels and windows

Car's exterior nano liquid protection by GoGoNano™! Very easy to apply with amazing results!