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Jan, 2018

Reducing Waste By Protecting Your Possessions With Nanotechnology

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Consumers have never had more choice in terms of the products available to them. There are thousands of different companies around the world producing clothing, electronics, tools, and other consumer items at very affordable prices. Unfortunately, this has led to some consumers treating their possessions as disposable objects. If their favourite shirt becomes stained or begins to look worn, they simply throw it away and purchase a new one. This has had a negative impact on both the environment with millions of items making their way into landfill or the […]



May, 2015

Why and for what is nanotechnology used?

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These days we are extensively coming across the term Nanotechnology in various fields of study, science, technology, etc. so what actually Nanotechnology is? Nanotechnology basically is multidisciplinary science looking at how matter can be manipulated at atomic and molecular level. Nanotechnology is often called General-Purpose technology as its advanced form is having considerable impact on nearly all areas of industries, technology, research, and development. It offers long lasting, safer, cleaner, better built, and smarter products for communications, home, industries, agriculture, transportation, and medicine in general. These days nanotechnology is widely […]