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Superhydrophobic textile and leather protection

Stay Dry is superhydrophobic spray designed especially for protecting textile, leather, carpet, bags, wallets and shoes.

Protect Your Textile & Leather Valuables With Stay Dry

Stay Dry provides the best superhydrophobic spray with a waterproof feature in the market. This nano coating spray is also resistant to bacteria which is the reason why it’s used for medical equipment and surgical tools. For covering the surface with hydrophobic Stay Dry you need to spray it on and leave it dry for 3-4 minutes. After that you can spread it with a microfiber cloth and allow to dry 15-20 more minutes. Then your carpets, clothes, boots or any other accessories are ready for use.

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How does superhydrophobic spray works?

Water repelling effect of sprays can easily be measured by their contact angles. The bigger the contact angle, the better water resistancy on the surface. When the surface is covered with superhydrophobic Stay Dry, the contact angle will range between 120-180 degrees – it means the water drops will roll off the surfaces without any friction and therefore the material will become extremely repellent to water. When the contact angle of a spray would be below 30 degrees, it may be somewhat water resistant, but not so efficiently.

Due to strong protection of sprayed layers your carpets, boots or other valuables will not be affected by water or other liquids and maintain the fresh look for a longer period of time. Stay Dry superhydrophobic spray is nearly 5 times more water resistant than other carpet protection sprays on the market.

Using the product is so easy – you only need spray it on the surfaces and can forget about soapy liquids or any other cleaners.

Stay Dry waterproof spray for all textiles & leather items!

Stay Dry – the most durable and long long lasting waterproof  spray with a uv-protection feature in the market.

GoGoNano™ Stay Dry - Super Hydrophobic Protection For Textile & Leather

GoGoNano™ Textile & Leather Superhydrophobic Spray makes wonders!