Cookies are used on this website, They help us to improve the functionality – and the usability – on our website. By visiting our website, you accept our use of cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file stored on your IT device when visiting our website. Cookies enable us to register your visits to our website – anonymously – as they allow for recognition of your computer and IP address. Cookies optimise your visits. Moreover, you will not be able to use certain services and features on our website without accepting the cookies. The use of cookies is standard on the internet.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies allow for collection of information about the pages you visit and which technology you use.

Our use of cookies does not enable us to identify you as user of our website as the information collected is anonymous, and we do not pass on information to third parties.

The executive order on requirements for information and consent by the storage of or access to information on end-user terminal equipment” requires that the user receives information about the use of cookies or other technologies, and that an informed consent is given by the user.

Which cookies do we use?

Among other types of cookies, we use Google Analytics. It is able to collect information on how users navigate on the website. Google Analytics uses various cookies for this purpose.

How long is a cookie stored on your computer?

It varies from cookie to cookie how long it is stored before it is deleted. Cookies will be renewed every time you visit our website.

How to avoid and delete cookies?

It is always possible to delete the cookies stored on your device, and it is also possible to deselect cookies in your browser.

Thus, you may deselect the use of cookies by changing the internet settings in your browser. If you are using a PC, you can open the menu by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE at the same time. In the menu you can delete the cookies already stored on your device and change the settings. Below please find some links showing how to change your settings.

However, please note that if you deselect cookies, you may not be able to use certain services and features in the future. If you deselect cookies in your browser, this will apply to all websites. You may change your browser settings at any time; likewise, you may withdraw your consent if you regret it.

Links to change internet settings:

If you have further questions

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