EcoGlass – Advanced Window Cleaner, 1L

18.95 199.95 

Water-based eco-friendly window cleaner for regular deep cleaning and protection of glass surfaces. Provides a streak-free appearance that looks like new, eliminating dirt deposits and long-standing stains from both interior and exterior glass, old or new. The product is safe for humans, materials, and for the environment.

  • Hygienic safety:> 99% of all micro-organisms and dirt is removed
  • Ease: 2-in-1 operation, fewer products, fast and visible results
  • Durable: water-based products and 100% skin, material and environmentally friendly
Single productSingle product
Pack of 3Pack of 3
Pack of 6Pack of 6
Pack of 12 / Full boxPack of 12 / Full box
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