Wave Glass Cleaning Cloth Gold 36 X 36 cm

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Wavy structured microfiber glass cleaning cloth is specially designed to effectively clean various glass surfaces in the car and at home. Its unique texture traps dirt and grime without leaving streaks or scratches, providing a crystal-clear finish every time. Use it on windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces for a spotless shine.

  • Beautiful gold-look microfibre cloth with wavy structure on one side and woven structure on the other.
  • The highly absorbent waves scoop up and retain the dirt.
  • Cleans quickly without streaks and leaves behind a glossy effect.
  • Easy to wring out.
  • Fits beautifully in any interior, both private and business.
  • Use: Drying, shining, removing grease stains, general cleaning.
  • Sectors: for every sector where glass, gloss, stainless steel, chrome, granite, cooker tops, etc. is used.
  • Weight: 560 g/m²
Golden wave microfiber glass cleaning cloth 36 x 36 cm
Wave Glass Cleaning Cloth Gold 36 X 36 cm
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