Ecofriendly Cleaning Kit – For All Fashion & Footwear

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The GoGoNano Shoe Cleaning Kit is a revolutionary product that is designed to help you maintain and care for your leather, suede and textile fashion and footwear. Made with 100% natural and eco-friendly ingredients, this kit is not only safe for you, but also for the environment. Its powerful cleaning formula is effective in removing dirt and stains from all types of materials, leaving them looking clean and fresh.

Main properties of shoe cleaning kit:

  • Gives materials and items an intense clean
  • Cleans various materials including textiles, suede and leather
  • Safe to use and completely biodegradable
  • Concentrated formula
  • 100% eco-friendly formula
  • PFC-free
  • Leaves shoes smelling clean and fresh

18.95 99.67 €/L

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