GoGoNano Liquid Skin Exterior Universal Car Body Coating for all vehicles bodies, wheels, glass and plastic surfaces. Check out the amazing results our product has to offer!

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150ml GoGoNano™ Liquid Skin universal full car coating + application cloth

GoGoNano™ Liquid Skin exterior car coating is a water based product containing nano polymers that attach to the surface and develop an ultra thin protective layer.

After one hour of drying the processed item has the following qualities:

High gloss and polished effect

– Anti-scratch and hydrophobic surface

– Smooth to touch

– Anti-static surface

– Self cleaning effect

– Filling of damages

Use for:

All vehicle bodies, wheel types and glass.


up to 1 year (recommended re-application in 3-6 months).


2 years day from order.

Package Includes:

1 x 150ml GoGoNano™ Liquid Skin Universal Car Coating
1 x Non-Woven Microfiber Cloth, 40 x 38 cm
1 x Blue Very Soft Microfiber Cloth, 40 x 40 cm


– Remove all dirt and dust. Wash car with water and regular car shampoo. Use Liquid Skin exterior car coating only on clean surfaces.

– Shake well before use, spread with a non-absorbent cloth

– 1 hour after application, polish with a microfibre cloth

– 20-30ml / car – 1 bottle is good for 5 total treatments!

Keep in mind:Always clean spray-pump with water after using the product. Always close the bottle after cleaning.

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