Microfibre Cloth Maxi Black 40 x 85 cm

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Introducing the premium Microfibre Cloth Maxi Black, perfect for polishing paint and metal surfaces on cars, motorcycles, boats, and more. This versatile cloth is a real workhorse, with enormous absorbency that easily retains over 6 times its weight in moisture. Use it wet or dry for any job, and enjoy its durable, long-lasting design.

  • Perfect water-absorbing cleaning microfiber cloth. Excellent for auto washing, drying and polishing.
  • Perfect for cleaning table, window, screen, car, mirror etc.
  • Won’t make any damage and scratch in cleaning process.
  • Features: Soft, Strong Water-absorbing, Durable
  • 300 g/m²
  • 100% microfiber (70% polyester, 30% polyamide)


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Soft microfibre cloth maxi black 40 x 85 cm
Microfibre Cloth Maxi Black 40 x 85 cm


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