Microfiber Terry Cloth “Tricot Luxe”, 40 x 40 cm

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The Tricot Luxe is an excellent quality microfiber terry cloth for cleaning all surfaces. Very thick and absorbent, it is recommended for cleaning floors, ovens, interior and exterior of cars and in the industrial field. Retains dirt by capillarity.

  • Great ability to absorb and contain liquids and fats thanks to its dimpled texture.
  • Extra thick and absorbent. For cleaning tasks with strong absorption requirements.
  • Bacterial safety, antistatic and usable for the most demanding tasks
  • Great all-round cloth of superior quality, usable everywhere.
  • Suitable for cleaning a wide range of materials.
  • OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 Certified
Microfiber Tricot Terry Towel Cloth, 60 x 70 cm
Microfiber Terry Cloth “Tricot Luxe”, 40 x 40 cm
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