Anti-Fog Cleaning Cloth for Glasses

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GoGoNano has developed a product called Anti-fog which is an anti-fog cleaning cloth for glasses. It is a nanotechnologically advanced microfiber cloth that helps you to achieve the anti-fog and protective properties of glasses. Unlike liquid anti-fog agents, the Anti-Fog cleaning cloth does not damage the existing protective layers on the glass but cleans the surface gently and safely.

Strengths of the anti-fog cleaning cloth:

  • Extra durable. The Anti-Fog microfibre spectacle cloth can be used over 200 times and lasts up to 10 hours with just one single application.
  • Always, everywhere and immediately ready for use: Anti-Fog is a 100% dry cloth and NO additional liquids are necessary.
  • Practical: Both in the colder seasons when changing between warm & cold and together with an MNS protective mask – Anti-Fog maintains a clear view.
  • Extra soft and gentle: The glasses cleaning cloth is antistatic & lint-free – for streak-free cleaning with anti-fogging effect.
  • Versatile: Suitable for goggles, sunglasses, diving goggles, camera lenses, helmet visors, binoculars etc.
  • Size: 18 x 14 cm
GoGoNano Anti-Fog Cleaning Cloth for glasses & lenses
Anti-Fog Cleaning Cloth for Glasses
9.95 89.95  Select options
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