HACCP Dish and Kitchen Net Sponges x 4

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Boost your cleaning with HACCP top-notch kitchen sponges. Perfect for every kitchen, they offer deep cleaning with a unique mesh design. Their color-coded system makes tasks simple, and they’re easy to wash and reuse. Stay clean and hygienic effortlessly!

Kitchen Sponge Main Features:

  • HACCP Compliant: Upholding the pinnacle of hygiene standards.
  • Mesh Net Design: Guarantees an unmatched, thorough cleaning experience.
  • Color-Coded: Designed to streamline tasks and reduce cross-contamination risks.
  • Absorbent Mousse Layer: Ensures superior moisture and dirt uptake.
  • Machine Washable: Effortless refresh and longevity at 60°.
  • Kitchen Sponge Size: 13,5 x 8,7 cm x 2,6 cm.
Bag of 4 HACCP dish sponge black
HACCP Dish and Kitchen Net Sponges x 4
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