Reducing waste and helping landfills by using nanotechnology

4 Ways to Reduce Waste With Nanotechnology

Consumers have never had more choice in terms of the products available to them. There are thousands of different companies around the world producing clothing, electronics, tools, and other consumer items at very affordable prices.

Unfortunately, this has led to some consumers treating their possessions as disposable objects. If their favourite shirt becomes stained or begins to look worn, they simply throw it away and purchase a new one. This has had a negative impact on both the environment with millions of items making their way into landfill or the ocean.

This attitude has begun to change in the past decade, as more consumers have become concerned about the environmental impact of the waste they produce. They have begun looking for new ways to extend the lifespan of the products that they buy.

One of the most innovative solutions for reducing waste involves the use of nanotechnology. Special nanotechnology coatings can be applied to electronics, motor vehicles, shoes, clothing, and other consumer items to increase their longevity. This guide will explain how these nanotechnology coatings work and how they are a useful tool for reducing waste.

What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology involves the manipulation of matter at the nanoscale — between 1 to 100 nanometers in length. It typically involves working with extremely small pieces of matter like molecules, atoms, and supra molecules. In simpler terms, nanotechnology refers to any technologies that work with extremely small particles.

Nanotechnology is used in many fields including computing, medicine, electronics, and industrial engineering. Researchers have used nanotechnology to develop everything from space-age materials through to microscopic computers.

How can nanotechnology be used to protect your possessions?

GoGoNano has developed a range of innovative products using nanotechnology. These products can be used to extend the lifespan of consumer electronics, vehicles, shoes, clothing, and other consumer items. They are eco-friendly products that can dramatically reduce the amount of waste that you produce each year and save you money!

Our nano coating products use tiny nano particles that form a strong bond after application. Because the particles in the nano coating are so small, they prevent larger objects like dust particles and water molecules from penetrating. Our proprietary nano coating products include:

Stay Dry – waterproofing spray for fabric

GoGoNano Stay Dry is a waterproofing spray for shoes and fashion with superhydrophobic and easy-to-clean properties. It will repel fluids from items make from textiles and leather — including handbags, carpet, wallets, shoes, and clothing. Its superhydrophobic ability makes objects bacteria resistant and stain resistant. Stay Dry can make objects up to five times more water resistant that other leather and fabric protectors.

Waterproofing spray applied on green heel

Liquid Shield – liquid screen protector for smartphones

Liquid Shield uses nanotechnology to protect glass and plastic surfaces. It is a liquid nano screen protector that helps glass and plastic surfaces remain clean and protected from scratches. Liquid Shield also improves the appearance of images on electronic devices, makes them water resistant, and has anti-bacterial properties. Liquid Shield can be used to protect items like computer screens, mobile phones, glasses, tablets, televisions, and cameras.

Liquid Skin – Car detailing protective spray

Liquid Skin is a spray-on car exterior nano protector that can be used to protect the surfaces of motor vehicle. It repels moisture, helps to keep surfaces clean, and fights corrosion. It also makes surfaces scratch resistant, stain resistant, and reduces the risk of surfaces fading or cracking. It is perfect for protecting surfaces like car doors, handles, bumpers, trunks, and roofs.

How to protect environment by using nano protection and bio cleaners?

1. Less clothing goes into landfill

Each year, more than 300,000 tons of clothing are discarded by UK residents. Many of these items are discarded because they have been stained or have become faded. These clothes usually end up in landfill, where they will remain buried for hundreds of years — creating an environmental burden for future generations. Stay Dry can be used to prevent clothing and shoes from being stained, allowing you to get much more use from your possessions before discarding them.

2. Less detergents and chemical cleaners are used

Having a protective coating like GoGoNano Stay Dry on your clothes and shoes also means that you won’t have to use as many harsh detergents and chemicals to remove stains — a great outcome for the environment! It can also cut down on your energy usage, because your washing machine won’t have to be run as frequently.

3. Less microscopic plastic fibres are produced

Modern clothes often use synthetic textiles that contain microscopic plastic fibres. If these items are discarded and end up in waterways, they can do great damage to plants and animals. Using a nano coating like Stay Dry maximises the lifespan of your synthetic textiles, reducing this form of pollution.

4. Less electronic items are discarded

Thousand of electronic devices are discarded each year in the UK. They often contain toxic substances including mercury, cadmium, beryllium, and PVC plastic. Unfortunately, many of these substances make it into waterways or into the water table.

In many cases, electronic devices are discarded because they have been damaged. Using a nano coating like Liquid Shield reduces the risk of your electronic devices being damaged by liquids or dust. The hydrophobic capability of this product pushes liquids off the device before they have had a chance to penetrate.

Liquid Shield will also increase the scratch resistance of your devices. This means there will be less risk of your phone or tablet’s screen being scratched when you drop it onto a hard surface.

By increasing the lifespan of your electronic devices, you can reduce the number of electronic items being discarded.

About GoGoNano

GoGoNano is a leading manufacturer of nanotechnology products, designed to protect a range of surfaces from motor vehicles to shoes. Our products are of the highest quality, non-toxic, and biodegradable. We prioritize responsible manufacturing practices and are committed to sustainability. At GoGoNano, we provide innovative solutions that protect and enhance the things that matter most to you.

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