Eco-Friendly Nano Shoe Care Kit for Fashion/Footwear

One of the biggest frustrations of our time is the short lifespan of products we use every day, especially our shoes and clothes. Boots or sneakers, jeans or jackets, handbags or purses, girl clothes, guy clothes, kids’ clothes, whatever – basically everything becomes scraped, torn, stained and/or smelly after half a year of use, and it’s always a shame to throw them away.

This shoe care kit here is an all-in-one solution for those problems. Use Clean to deep-cleanse your items, Protect to provide them with a dirt-resistant and water-repellent defensive coating, and Fresh to neutralize bad odors and keep your items smelling good at all times. GoGoNano will ensure that your favorite items last for as long as nanotechnologically possible.


In stock

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