Interior & Sanitary Home Hygiene Kit

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Elevate your home hygiene with our nano interior & sanitary kit, designed to keep your living spaces not just clean but also well-protected. This comprehensive kit is your ultimate defense against germs and contaminants, ensuring your family’s health and well-being.

The main features of the home hygiene kit:

  • Water-based products and 100% skin, material and environmentally friendly
  • Environmentally, health-wise, and materially safe.
  • They ensure long-term hygiene and a clean appearance on all interior and sanitary surfaces
  • Easy to use and immediate results. 99% of all micro-organisms and dirt is removed.
  • Suitable for most materials: smooth, rough, natural and plastic surfaces


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Nano home hygiene line for safe cleaning and protection
Interior & Sanitary Home Hygiene Kit

In stock