Prevent your glasses from fogging up in cold weather

How to Prevent Your Glasses from Fogging Up?

Have you ever seen an apple fall out? Or a person walking on water? Maybe even chilled your hands over the fire, fogging up the glass in the process? If not, it makes perfect sense, because the laws of physics are unwavering. However, we say that with the help of nanotechnology, at least one of them can be countered!

Key Takeaways

  • Simple solutions are often the best. Dish soap on your lenses creates a clear film that can minimize fogging, and it’s an easily accessible option in a pinch.
  • Anti-fog products offer longer-lasting protection, but be cautious with sprays as they can damage special coatings on eyeglasses. Anti-fog cloths are a safer alternative.
  • Pay attention to fit and airflow. Adjusting your glasses or ensuring your mask fits snugly over your nose can minimize warm air escaping and fogging your lenses.

In cool weather, glasses wearers face one seasonal problem – they keep fogging up. Every time you step into a room or car from outside, put a scarf over your mouth or put on a mask, the glasses become foggy. Then it takes more time to wipe them, and in fact, it may not be possible to get the glasses clean on the first try. At GoGoNano, all our products are aimed at simplifying the customer’s life through small changes using the innovative possibilities of nanotechnology.

The new AntiFog cleaning cloth serves the same purpose. It is a reusable microfiber cloth that has been enhanced with nanotechnology to achieve anti-fog and protective properties for glasses.

Why do my glasses fog up so quickly?

Temperature and humidity play a role in the formation of fog on the glass. It is known that water changes its shape depending on whether it is warmer or colder. A change in temperature and an aerosol in the air is necessary for the formation of fog. As the warm breath evaporates, the condensed water vapor adheres to the cool glass. This is the moment when you wish that cleaning your glasses was faster and easier.

In our climate, a slight fog can also occur on smart devices, and as you know, using a touch screen is complicated in this case. Condensed water, however, sticks where dust particles are already present. Therefore, the more carefully you keep the surfaces clean, the lower the risk of fogging. In addition, keeping glasses and screens warm to reduce contrast with face or room temperature also helps prevent fogging.

GoGoNano Anti-fog for glasses

How to prevent glasses from fogging up?

There are already many antifog products on the market. Most of them are sprayable, and using such a substance on the lens of the glasses can break down the protective layers that already exist. As a result, the glass gets scratches and dirt more easily, which is why the glasses need to be replaced with new ones sooner than expected. The same applies to various home methods, which are certainly not wise to use on expensive eyeglass lenses.

With the Anti-Fog cleaning cloth, however, you don’t have to feel such fear. Safely and environmentally friendly, nanotechnology gives the microfiber cloth cleaning properties and immediately gives the glass the necessary protective layer.

Condensation of water vapor on eyeglass lenses can be not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous depending on the situation. Clear vision is a priority when driving and working with machines. Fortunately, the Anti-Fog cleaning cloth stop glasses from fogging up, and it’s worth keeping around from now on.


Glasses fog up due to the condensation of moisture on the lenses, often caused by temperature and humidity changes. Our Anti-Fog cleaning cloth, using advanced nanotechnology, creates a protective layer on your lenses to prevent this condensation, ensuring clear vision in various conditions.

Using our Anti-Fog cleaning cloth can significantly reduce fogging when wearing a mask. The cloth applies a nanotech coating that repels moisture, keeping your lenses clear even with the warm air circulating from mask usage.

Yes, the cloth is designed to be safe and environmentally friendly, suitable for all types of glasses without damaging them.

Common home remedies like soapy water can provide temporary relief but may not be suitable for all lens types and can leave residues. Our Anti-Fog cleaning cloth, on the other hand, is specifically designed for eyewear, offering a safe, residue-free, and long-lasting solution.

Reusable & nano enhanced Anti-Fog cleaning cloth

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