Safely cleaning all surfaces from viruses

How to Safely Clean All Surfaces from Viruses?

Careful hand washing and use of disinfectants and wearing protective masks are an important part of limiting the spread of corona and other viruses. For safe disinfection, we have developed a natural cleaning and disinfecting agent that safely destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi, Gram-negative (for example, the causative agent of tuberculosis) and Gram-positive bacteria from any surfaces and materials.

Key Takeaways

  • Cleaning and disinfecting are different but important. Cleaning removes dirt and grime but doesn’t necessarily kill germs. Disinfecting uses chemicals to eliminate viruses and bacteria.
  • Choose the right products for the job. Look for cleaning and disinfecting products specifically formulated for the surfaces you’re treating and effective against viruses.
  • Follow product instructions carefully. Pay attention to how long a disinfectant needs to remain on a surface to be effective, and always follow safety guidelines and wear necessary protective gear.

Corona challenge

In light of recent events, GoGoNano has adapted its core activities as a green chemistry and technology provider to provide support during the global corona pandemic. We remain focused on core values ​​that positively impact people and the environment.

Our mission is to provide products and technology to reduce and/or replace toxic disinfectant chemicals and support people in reducing infectious diseases. With the goal of saving people and making our planet friendly.

Lactic acid is much more effective against corona & other viruses

GoGoNano Anti-Viral is a lactic acid-based deep-cleaning disinfectant that helps fight not only corona but also all other pathogens in a safe and sustainable way. Its biodegradable composition with surface-active particles effectively destroys bacteria, virus particles and fungi and does not damage delicate materials. Therefore, it is well suited for cleaning all objects and surfaces that have come into our homes from the outside, such as food packaging, clothes worn while shopping or other soft objects that cannot be properly disinfected with ethanol.

GoGoNano antiviral and antibacterial disinfectant has been proven effective against various harmful pathogens and bacteria. Corona can survive on different surfaces for several days. Therefore, disinfection and cleaning are extremely important. The product is specially designed for this task.

Safe cleaning agent for both home and office

Lactic acid is a natural, safe and effective alternative to synthetic antiviral agents. It is a naturally occurring acid that is produced during the acidification of milk, as well as in humans and animals as a result of physical activity. While most disinfectants work with the support of three biocidal mechanisms, lactic acid has four of these mechanisms, which is why it is much more difficult for pathogens to become resistant to it.

Thanks to this, lactic acid has proven itself as an effective defense against a large number of different pathogens. Its combination of effectiveness and safety for human health has made lactic acid a popular cleaning agent in both homes and businesses, such as catering kitchens and stores, where the need for deep cleaning and disinfection is constant.

Which surfaces should be disinfected?

During the disease season, surface cleaning should be done daily as a routine. It is important to notice which surfaces come into contact more often, especially in frequently used rooms. If you don’t know which places need to be cleaned, spend some time observing which surfaces people come into contact with most often.

The following areas and items usually require more frequent cleaning:

– door handles
– elevator buttons
– toilet and bathroom surfaces
– switches
– handrails
– chair armrests
– tables
– work surfaces

In order to effectively prevent the spread of the virus, surfaces should be cleaned as often as possible. In public spaces, this should be done no less than every 2-4 hours. In addition to the mentioned surfaces, the edges of doors and other shared objects also need attention.

Lactic acid has fast-acting, effective antiviral properties

Most products available take 5-10 minutes to work on viruses, leaving the possibility that not everything will be removed. In addition, a large amount of the product is required for effective work, which limits its use and increases toxic side effects. Our lactic acid based antiviral organic cleaner has been tested and proven to work instantly. It removes all viruses within one minute of use. We believe that it is necessary to invest in a more efficient and ecological solution to prevent diseases along with the safety of our environment and human health.

A safe alternative to toxic disinfectants

“Our mission is to provide alternative products and technology to reduce and/or replace toxic disinfectant chemicals on the market and support people in reducing infectious diseases. With the goal of saving people and making our planet friendly,” says GoGoNano creator Kaur Reinjärv. “In the form of lactic acid, we found an ideal tool that fights diseases much more effectively and does not harm people or nature.”

GoGoNano desinfitseerimisvahend koikidele pindadele

Nano coatings for clothing, vehicles and electronics

GoGoNano is a nanotech startup working in the field of stain & water protectors. Our team is passionate about finding and creating eco-friendly cleaning and protective products that people feel safe to use within their home and around their family. Our sustainable nano-protectors help keep electronic devices, clothes, shoes and even cars looking like new for a long time, so that you can use them for as long as possible, thereby wasting as little money and natural resources as possible.

FAQ: Safely Cleaning Surfaces from Viruses

It is advisable to clean surfaces with soap and water first, then use a disinfectant. It is critical to utilize solutions that are particularly intended to eliminate viruses for successful virus eradication. Natural disinfectants, such as GoGoNano Anti-Viral disinfectant with lactic acid, can be both safe and efficient.

Household disinfectants function by eroding viruses’ protective coatings, making them inactive. Lactic acid, for example, is beneficial because it attacks the viral structure in various ways, minimizing the possibility of resistance development.

Yes, natural cleaning agents, such as lactic acid, have been shown to be effective against viruses. These agents work by disrupting the virus’s structure and are a safer alternative to harsh chemical disinfectants.

High-touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, countertops, and electronic devices should be prioritized for regular cleaning and disinfection to prevent the spread of viruses.

Natural lactic acid based cleaner offer several advantages, including being effective against a wide range of pathogens, safer for human health, and environmentally friendly due to their biodegradable nature.

Nano products for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces

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